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PhotosInfoPro 1.3.1 released

EBERSBERG, GERMANY – February 14, 2013

Dmitri Toropov has released PhotosInfoPro 1.3.1 – an IPTC photo metadata editor for iPad with Adobe XMP® support. PhotosInfoPro supports editing IPTC Core metadata, image rating, and geocoding information. It is targeted at people like travel photographers, stock photographers, journalists, etc., who shoot tens, hundreds, potentially thousands images per day, need to tag and describe the images but don't have an immediate access to a computer.

PhotosInfoPro works with iPad's Photos Library and can handle both JPEG and RAW images. That is any images imported using Apple Camera Connection Kit are automatically included. On export PhotosInfoPro allows to export metadata as sidecar XMP files or embed it inside of JPEG images, which makes it usable in any RAW or JPEG workflow.

Reading original EXIF metadata from RAW images is supported for Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Panasonic cameras. For other camera producers (Sony, Pentax) it is recommended to use RAW+JPEG couples instead of plain RAW images for better performance and EXIF support.

Some key features of PhotosInfoPro include:

  • Tag multiple images at once – you can assign metadata to tens, hundreds even thousands of images in one step. The app is optimized to handle large image collections.
  • Edit IPTC Core, star rating and geo-location metadata – all IPTC Core 1.1 tags except Subject Code and Scene Code are supported.
  • View all EXIF metadata – for supported image types all metadata can be seen, be it file name, creation time or camera specific settings.
  • Designed to let you work fast – since all image processing is performed in the background the app is fast and fluent. Even on the iPad 1. And there is no waiting time at the app start: all data is requested only when needed.
  • Usable in any photography workflow – export JPEGs and/or original (RAW) images accompanied by XMP sidecar files.
  • RAW+JPEG couples support – for the increased speed and better metadata support the app internally uses JPEG files whenever available. On export RAW files are generally preferred, however it is also possible to export both RAW and JPEG files if available.

To see the PhotosInfoPro app in action, click here for a demo video.

PhotosInfoPro is now available for download from the App Store for $4.99.

About Dmitri Toropov

Dmitri Toropov is a software developer and a passionate amateur photographer. For iOS development he focuses on photography and digital maps. His other apps are OSMTrack and PhotosInfo for iPhone.


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