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IPTC photo metadata editor for iPad with Adobe XMP® support

The Professional Photo Metadata Editor for your iPad.

Edit IPTC Core, star rating and geo-location metadata

Rate an image, add keywords or location - all metadata at your fingertips. PhotosInfoPro supports all of the new IPTC 1.1 standard IPTC Core tags except Subject Code and Scene Code and also XMP rating and Exif GPS.

Tag multiple images at once

Select multiple photos one-by-one, a range of photos or all of them. Then add metadata to all of them at once. Simple fields like headline or GPS location are substituted by new values, for set-valued fields like keywords new values are added.

View complete image metadata including Exif, file name, etc. for supported image types*

See it or hide it if you like.

*Reading original EXIF metadata from RAW images is supported for Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Panasonic cameras. For other camera producers (Sony, Pentax) it is recommended to use RAW+JPEG couples instead of plain RAW images for better performance and EXIF support.

Designed to let you work fast

There are a lot of small performance improvers and smart shortcuts throughout the app. Type first letters of a keyword to find it in the vocabulary then just tap on it to add; to assign exactly the same location to a next image as assigned to the current one just swipe to it and press "drop pin" button - metadata is filled for you, and many more…

Usable in any photography workflow: export JPEGs and / or original (RAW) images accompanied by XMP sidecar files

Raw or JPEG, if you export originals you images stay untouched. No quality loss whatsoever. When you use JPEG option the result is re-encoded and you have full control what resolution or compression it will have. Or export just XMP sidecar files and copy RAWs directly from the memory card.